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Date: , 2013
From: Marco Wutzer
Re: Technology For Personal & Planetary Healing

Dear Friend,

I want to introduce you to the most important man you will ever meet - but have probably NEVER heard about. His name is Dr. Fred Bell.

Why is Dr. Bell so important?

First off, Dr. Fred Bell has been an inventor, scientist, entrepreneur, and homeopath for over 30 years.

At age 14, he was not only working at the University of Michigan on nuclear energy projects, but was also inducted into the US government's classified project MK Ultra - that's right, age 14!

At 16 years of age Dr. Fred Bell was interned at the US Army Biological Weapons Division in Little Rock, Arkansas.

On his 17th birthday, he was transferred into the US Airforce. There he began working on highly classified projects, several involving early warning radar defense systems and the detection and tracking of extraterrestrial craft.

His early Government funded mind control research covered such topics as past life regression, and the popular remote viewing used today by the CIA and other intelligence agencies worldwide.

Dr. Fred Bell also worked at the Randolph Laboratory where he worked on:

  • A magnetic disintegration project later known as the Philadelphia Experiment

  • A high temperature fusion experiment

  • A bubble project later known as Cold Fusion

  • Shockwave experimentation that led to the classification of high altitude, ground level and underground nuclear blasts, as well as nuclear explosions over water

Dr. Bell also worked with the University of Michigan's Cyclotron doing experimentation with the bombardment of nuclear particles and their collisions involving reverse time as observed in a Wilson Cloud Chamber.

Here are some of the paperwork confirming his government work:

Left: One of many documents Dr. Bell signed when he worked in "Special Areas". This was a part of the now infamous, "Lockheed Skunk Works", where he obviously worked. Right Top: This was for training on Classified Projects. Right Middle: S & I.D. for North American Aviation (Rockwell International as it is now called) Space and Information Division. Right Bottom: A design award for a guidance simulator on the Apollo program.

Dr. Bell also worked in the private sector with North American Aviation, Autonetic and Rocketdyne, on projects such as

        • Star Wars (the military version)

        • Laser development

        • Saturn rocket second stage development

        • The Eylass Project (a subdivision of Star Wars)

        • And finally the lunar lander project known as the Apollo missions.

One of the many test labs, Ogden Technology, Fullerton CA, Dr. Bell worked at. Picture 1: Outside lab where they did destruction testing, and acceleration tests. Picture 2: Fuel tank testing for extreme high altitude craft. Picture 3: Lunar atmosphere and temperature simulation.

After he left his NASA related position, he went into the private sector and consulted to over 3000 companies on topics such as:

  • Computer science

  • Biological and medical science

  • Environmental testing

  • Aircraft research and advanced propulsion technologies

  • And a variety of other technical realities (many projects still classified today)

These visits took place over 20 years ago when Dr. Bell consulted on most of the secret projects in the United States. Having a Physics and electronics background and trained in Metrology by the US Bureau of Standards in Boulder Colorado, he donated his analytic skills worldwide. These journals are now de-classified and were partially presented to the United States Senate as part of the Disclosure Project, just days before 9/11!

Dr. Bell then left the defense sector and began studying with Himalayan Masters.

During this time he became internationally known as a contactee to a Pleiadean group of extraterrestrial humanoids whom were here to help the people on earth save themselves from their own destructive tendencies. This group comes from a star system 500 light-years from earth.

Left: During a Pleiadian contact with Semjase in Laguna Beach, Bluebird Canyon, about 1992. Right: Aspen Colorado 1982. Pleiadian ships. Picture taken with a Polaroid! The photo was taken from the famous FBI house, where he had a FireStarr Orb set up, the property owned by Jack C. the leading agent for southern California at the time. Directly adjacent to this property is Jack Nicholson's estate. Jack was nervous about this activity. A few days later the ships came in closer and made the front cover of the "Aspen Times", a local paper.

For this effort the Russian society of cosmonauts (astronauts), awarded Dr. Bell the distinguished scientific progress award.

US Air Force Colonel Wendelle Stevens (intelligence chief with more than 30 years experience in the UFO investigation field) verified the Pleiadean visits after an intensive five year study.

Close scrutiny and analysis of the data by a battery of scientists, computer engineers, polygraph specialists, metallurigsts and geologists have come to the unanimous conclusion:

This is no hoax!

Dr. Bell has invented and patented many unique, futuristic devices including the famed Nuclear Receptor, the Holographic Projector and many other Pyramid Technology devices.

He has written several books and is the subject of many others.


Dr. Fred Bell with a model of a spacecraft engine he built using information form Semjase.

What Does This Mean for YOU?

Not only has Dr. Bell been a sought-after government scientist for decades, but he is also a practicing naturopath, environmentalist, and political activist, and most importantly: Dr. Fred Bell Is Revealing His Most Secret, Coveted Human Potetntial Technologies To The World!

Ken Norton wearing his Nuclear Receptor! World Heavyweight Champion in the late 1970's, Ken Norton fought such contenders as Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Earnie Shavers, Leon Spinks and Jimmy Young. He is best known for breaking Muhammad Ali's jaw as a 7-1 underdog in a stunning upset on March 31, 1973. He has appeared in the movie, "Mandingo", wrote a book entitled 'Going the Distance' and is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Mareike Fell, born in Detmold, Germany in 1975 is seen here adorned with her own Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor. Tremendously popular in Germany and Europe, Mareike Fell recently played Mona in the German TV comedy movie, "Der Gestohlene Mond", directed & written by Thomas Stiller.

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  • Cellular and Stellar Interactivity & Galactic Conciousness

  • Discover The Seven Subplanes of our Reality, The Four Ethers, Your Etheric Body And Moving Into Dimensions Beyond

  • Chakraks & Energy Absorption And How Blood Is Transmitting Spiritual Information to the Brain

  • Exploring the Power of Crystals, Holographic Sound Principles And Color Therapy

  • Lasers and the Key to the 4th Dimension (Plus Pleiadean Systems Configuration for 4th Dimensional Transition)

  • Atlantis, Scalar Warefare And The Eternal Struggle Between Good And Evil

  • Pleiadean Communications and Healing Technologies: The Irradiator, The FireStarr Orb And The MicroStarr

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This unique piece of pleiadean technology conditions your body to process negative energies, thereby expelling them.

In general the Nuclear Receptor is a consciousness repairing tool for the entire body structure. It detoxifies the body and produces consciously controlled transcendental feelings.

In a transcendental environment, the person involved has an inner feel for connecting to that person's higher power. The Amazing Pyradyne Nuclear Receptor re-educates, the body mind and spirit connection. For that reason the Nuclear Receptor is an amazing tool.

Xenia Seeberg star of SCI-Fi LEXX wearing the amazing Nuclear Receptor at Dr. Fred Bells House!

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Dr. Fred Bell's unparalleled access to Insiders, currently working on secret and classified projects, as well as rebel scientists, whistleblowers, and sources working in the upper echelons of government, ensures that you will always be on top of new developments.

These ongoing updates will keep you informed about the results of breakthrough discoveries in quantum physics, advanced technology, and medical and biological conspiracies. All illuminated for what they truly are and how they affect us all.

Based on his extensive background work in the government, military, aerospace, physics, and health and nutrition, Dr. Fred Bell shares ways to counteract dangerous new technologies and take back control of your own health and life – in accord with the universal “right to life”.

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Warning: This is not some form of bizarre entertainment.
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This program features one of Dr. Bell's newest inventions: The Andromedan Holographic Projector. It allows the operator to manipulate space and time conditions.

This fascinating device is a wave machine that employs deep space penetrating design patterns and works with the hologram of reality.

FACT: For every intention there is an equal and opposite counterintention.

The Projector opens a doorway into the holographic structure of the universe.

This creates a merging scalar field that shifts the consciousness of the hydrogen atom within the cell, into an alternate space-time reality.The Projector cuts of the counterintention and transmutes negative energies.

It literally removes negative energies before they were created. This means once you get in tune with the Projector it will help you achieve any goal! It gets direct results. Plus it...

  • Increases your aibility to express and feel consciousness

  • De-spirals the DNA into the fourth dimension

  • Makes the body become invisible to these rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions

The DNA de-spiraling process of the Projector, makes the body more etheric, moving consciousness comfortably into this new environment. This produces another process, allowing the body to live in a physical environment for extended periods of time without any visible evidence of physical aging

Warning: Don't even attempt to use this advanced device without studying every single program contained in this website! This is tool is not suited for beginners and requires a good understanding of the materials presented here. There are certain conditions you need to meet before you can use a Projector.


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This is rare, exclusive and very valuable material that can only be accessed through this website!

Notice: The audio quality of some of these old tapes is not the best but the information contained is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago - if not more so!

Snapshot from Dr. Bell's Lab: This is one of the tesla coils that power the outside irradiators, it?s noisey and the neighbours have a hard time with TVs and such. Output is in the region of about 180KV.

Here is a quick overview of some of the progams you'll discover in the Secret Archives:

The Pyramid Power Program!

Learn about pyramid energy and what it can do for you.


Learn about the critical importance of negative ions andtheir effect on
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The Incredible Power Of Super Formulations And Why Most Nutritional
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Insights Into Pleiadean Science & Society:

Learn more about pleiadean technologies and how
their advanced society works.


Program #6:
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The MicroStarr Dimensional Transformer &
The FireStarr

The amazing Firestarr Orb was first demonstrated in 1982 in Aspen, Colorado. The results made the headlines of the local Aspen newspaper due to the fact that half of the town saw the UFO's that came into the beam of the Firestarr over Pyramid Peak in the Blue-Bell Mountains.

At a later date in 1988, during one of Dr. Fred Bell's concerts in Marnau, Germany, located high within the Bavarian Alps another contact occurred.

Dr. Fred Bell explains:

"I was playing for about 500 people in a concert hall, using Pleiadean ship sounds and wrap-around sounds of the Roland D-50 synthesizer and all 500 people were energized on that Fire Starr and chakra frequency. Suddenly, we had a group of Pleiadean ships hovering overhead, and people were seeing them through the windows. Then the German Air Force came out and started chasing them, after which the police arrived and cordoned off the town of Marnau. So this was a very exciting evening."

The Firestarr works on a principal of subtle vibration that occurs in spring that causes the bees to be attracted to pollinate flowers. This principal is called etheric transmission and is constant in space and not seasonal as it is here on earth.

When used terrestrially, it sends a beacon-like signal deep into space where it can be received by and homed in on by alien space travelers and guides.

(It is not recommended for city use. The more remote an area this unit is utilized in, the better the results.)

The Firestarr Orb is a communication technology given to Dr. Fred Bell from a Pleiadean woman named Semjase. The way to communicate is really through the human aura.

In the Pleiades communication is done via scalar waves because they are instantaneous in nature.

The Pleiadeans use auric amplifiers or signature devices for telepathic transmission. The device is tuned to the users chakras/ endocrine glands via gemstones and crystals and amplifies the human aura, becoming a transmitting and receiving scalar wave antenna.

All human and humanoid creations have an astral body so this is the perfect communication tool through the astral plane through space and time.

The Firestarr orb is an interdimensional transmitting receiving antenna that develops psychic resources of practitioners to become a contactee, clairvoyant & channel with higher beings of the Universe.

It clears blockages in the human aura and chakras/endocrine centres.

The MicroStarr is a smaller, portable version of a FireStarr Orb. This device can be set up in a hotel, resort, airplane or car. It causes a reality change within several yards of its presence, once the laser is enacted!


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Seminar video

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  • The truth about drugs, meditation and exercise

  • Your effects as a being on the environment, nature, the world, the solar system, and the Galaxy

  • Shame: One of the many problems of our society. Plus other core societal issues and their planetary influence

  • Anti-Aging & DNA. The Nuclear Receptor, and the true nature of responsibility onto eternal life

  • How to cause major changes in your personal life, your associated environment and the planet earth

  • Subtle negative influences: What they are, how they are caused and what to expect when they are invoked

  • Subtle negative vs. positive influences: How to create positive & eliminate negative before it manifests

  • Personal growth & raising consciousness while eliminating negative habits & old growth retarding traits

  • Scalar Wave Technologies: How to understand & use them for better living, while dispelling their myths

  • Pyradyne Systems Technology: Their use in Health, Energy, and Science

  • Pyradyne Projector Technology and the world and universal hologram

  • How to get involved in New Technology and increase your personal wealth

  • Hurricanes, Extreme Weather, Global Warming and Weather Control: How it works and what you can do to be a major influence

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Dr. Bell, I love your show! It took me about 3 years to read your book. It was so good I had to read it over and over and over thank-you! I am waiting for the next one, you are so great.

Dr. Fred Bell. Your data resonates truth, at least on my ears. The stuff you talk about is not too far out, nothing is, that is true. So please don't restrain too much as I believe that your audience (if like me) can handle it. The more one understands about these sciences the more ones awareness goes up. Something tells me that this is something that we are going to need in the near future. A new student,
Stephen in Glendale

Hi Dr Fred: Thank you for telling the truth! Thank you for sharing your hard won truth. I also love & appreciate your use of sound [music] to connect us to higher consciousness. 'Staying alive, Staying alive',
Aria Glenn

You really can't loose. For a small $17.00 monthly investment you will get instant access to well over $1,000.00 worth of high caliber, high impact information which you can start using right now to reverse the the aging of your body and and to experience fun things like levitation and astral travel.

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But What If You Fail To Use These Advanced Technologies?

Do you really think your body can fight off all the radiation and toxic chemicals in our atmosphere over an extended period of time without any help?

Do you really think you can achieve a higher state of conciousness without these powerful tools considering all kinds of above-government-organizations are fighting against you?

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See you inside the members-only area,

Marco Wutzer

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